First time logging into NCORP-SYS?


NCORP-SYS is a private system that performs a variety of functions to support the NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP). Notable functions include:

  • Maintaining the site make-up and organizational hierarchy of all NCORP Community and Minority/Underserved sites.
  • Requesting rostering of NCORP sites, investigators, and research associates to Research Bases. Rostering requests are communicated to the Regulatory Support System (RSS) and evaluated by Research Bases in RSS. Persons must be rostered before access may be given to additional NCI websites including CTSU, the Oncology Patient Enrollment Network (OPEN), and Rave. Rostering is a pre-requisite to role assignment in the CTSU website.
  • Viewing protocol credit values used by NCORP sites when accruing patients to clinical trials.
  • Authorizing access to the NCORP-Portal. The NCORP-Portal is a resource containing meeting materials, guidelines, and other resources for NCORP members. To access the NCORP-Portal, you must first obtain access to NCORP-SYS.

NCORP-SYS is funded by the NCI Division of Cancer Prevention.